Wednesday, February 04, 2009

My How Time Flies

Wow, I just noticed I haven't blogged in a whole week. Well, it's been a pretty heavy week, that's for certain.

Where to begin?

Well, my team is finally fully geared up in full bore trial prep mode in one case, while busting hump in discovery in another. So work has been really busy for me. In fact, it's looking like my poker shenanigans will generally be slowing way up for the next couple of months or so. That said, I put in a full day this past Sunday, which deserves its own post as soon as I can get to it, perhaps over lunch tomorrow, if I can see over the stacks of docs on my desk. Oh, if those stacks could only be red chips...

In fact, I've been too busy to review the latest CD I've been assigned by Hybrid Magazine, but hope to get to it some time over the next week. This particular review will be a test of my objectivity, in that it's the most recent release by one of my favorite bands, but a disc that so far fails to live up to their previous work. This holds true despite how well most of the songs came off when I saw the live recently.

Hybrid does have another review in the can from me, which I'll share once they post it.

New Ben Franklins keeps pushing forward. We've got a show next Thursday night at the Toad Tavern in beautiful downtown Littleton, Colorado. What, you thought I'd say "Burbank"? This gig will be a bit more country than most, as we're tossing in a couple of Waylon Jennings covers in honor of the day of his passing.

In bummer news which I pretty much expected, Bodog has decided not to renew their sponsorship agreement with Donkin' in the Rockies. I still have a few hundo on their site, so I'll play it out and hopefully build it back up again. But to be honest, I really only loaded up there to play in the original Bodonkey series, and played it mostly with blog sponsorship. So if I ever go busto there (which hasn't happened yet...I've even managed to pull off several hundo), I'm likely to be done with the site. There's just not enough MTTs to make a reload worthwhile. On the other hand, I like the structure well enough, and have come close enough, to play out the string.

Still, I extend my appreciation to Nadia for working with Bodog to sponsor this lil' blog for the past year. Onwards and upwards...and I'll now be free to link "online poker" to anyone else who wants to step up (yeah, right!)

At any rate, we're only ten days from the most telling sign of spring of all -- Pitchers and Catchers Report! Go Rox!

Finally, in a sad note that seems to come far too often, Lux Interior is taking his bad music for bad people to the next world. Lux, you were singularly badass.

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Anonymous said...

My social club is veery close to there on the same night you are playing. Hit me up.