Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Watching the Rebuild

As a 2+2 lurker, usually in the MTTc section, I am often entertained, and sometimes confounded, by reading the subjects of the day. Today, I was inspired. A Stars player, gdsdiscolfer, somehow picked up a keylogger, and his entire PS account was cleaned out, by someone logging in from Vietnam, in 11 hands of 30/60 LHE. A bankroll of around $1400, completely vaporized in minutes.

So what does the MTTc community do? You can read all about it here. That's a whole lot of generosity. Anyway, $420 in small donations later, and a good SNG session to start out, and gdsdiscolfer is on the long road to recovery.

Why post about it here? Well, as a way to thank the community for their generosity, and to share with them progress of his recovery, gdsdiscolfer has started a blog. It should be interesting to follow his progress. Please join me in linking his blog.

While I don't have a $$$ account at Stars, gdsdiscgolfer, I wish you all the best.

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