Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Something to help the 10-table crowd, and non-pokerin' foolin'

I haven't been playing a lot of poker lately. The Good Doctor Mondo and I were in sunny and bloody hot FLA for a wedding last weekend, and we've both been sick ever since. Delays come and go, but sitting on the DIA taxiway for two hours waiting to be de-iced...that's just priceless.

Flew back on a plane containing far too many fuckers wearing Gators t-shirts. Took me half the flight to realize why...Denver's a United hub. Duh. 'Grats to the boys, but it was fun to make the Hook 'Em Horns sign to many of them, since we were still current national champs until the following night. But since OSU delivered the 'Horns their first loss of the year, it still seemed like just desserts.

Anyway, I did manage some game on Monday. Played two Tier One tokens and came away with one, played three MTTs and cashed in one (Omaha Hi, around 15th, paid 18), and a $10/90 SNG, where I donked my way to final table bubble. After being 2nd in chips, and finding my single biggest nemesis hand (AJo) in the cutoff, thought I'd push. BB woke up with AK suited, and that was that. Dumbass, I had no business being in that hand. Big difference between cashing around $18 and maybe cashing $200+, but a valuable lesson learned. No screenies, since I was on my wife's laptop at the time...but the sum total was, six tourneys, three cashes, and barely any change in my bankroll at all.

Speaking of which, the boys at Beast Buy finally finished installing this on my bedroom wall today. It has a computer input, so I wonder how many tables I can fit on the screen. I may never have to leave bed again.

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pokerpeaker said...

Dude! Thanks for stopping by. I had no idea you had linked me or that you existed! We Colorado bloggers need to stick together. I love Black Hawk...maybe we'll meet up there at some point.

I'm going to link you right now. Thanks for the link.