Tuesday, January 23, 2007

That didn't take long...

Went out 81st in Daily Double B, to this (money in preflop):

That one kinda hurt. Left me with about 400 chips, and nearly pulled the next hand off until my KJ was crushed by J8. Oh well. Cash is cash, and I get to share in the 3% jackpot ($677 tonight) that everyone who cashed in both tourneys gets. Since, at most, 126 players could cash in both, that's an extra...here...lemme add it up...$4 minimum, woo! Unfortunately, I suspect that even if I manage to ship first place in Tourney A, the average finish of 41st won't be the best combined finish of the night. I was 11 of 11 in showdowns (combined in both Daily Double tourneys) up until those two hands, and played (for me) incredibly tight, seeing only 12% of flops combined.

Frankly, I dunno how many made it into the $$$ on both, but I'd reckon at least 40-50, most likely. After sitting around short stacked in the money for a while, shoving or folding, I run into this:

Woohoo! That put me up to 20th of 29, but still 1/2 of the average chips. But now, I'm cooking with gas and can actually play cards.

Anyway, it's all over. Found out that JJ < T9, when you're the SS and chip leader is on your left:

Oh, and my last hand before break in the $5.50 Omahi Hi? Kinda speaks for itself. Knocked my ass outta the tourney on this one. Sometimes, the nut flush ain't the nut flush. Oh well, I was bottom in chips, and I feared what villain showed:

Funny thing of all this is, out of over 2700 players, I'm still alive in the Poker After Dark. Currently 56 of 76 going into third break...

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