Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Donk's Call to Arms

Okay, with apologies to Falstaff, who surely is no rank donk, I wanted to pass on to the three people who read this blog, his clarion call to arms in an attempt to save this wee entertainment we call online poker.

From Midnight on February 8th (EST) through Midnight on Sunday February 11 (PST), do not play any internet poker.

And not just online. Any poker. Brick and mortar casinos (at least Harrah's) helped get the UIGEA in place, indirectly, by funding the warchests of those who are most responsible for it becoming current law.

The online sites aren't doing nearly enough to preserve the American market, either through short-sightedness or intimidation.

I plan on joining, do you?


Falstaff said...

Thanks for spreading the word. And according to the "came from" on my site stats, you have more than three people reading :).

Mondogarage said...

Well, I dunno nuthin' about web stats, since I'm a total n00bslice at the coding end of a blog ;-)

But there's few comments posted, and I know 95% of my entries have been about hands and screenies, without the great writing art of Hoy, Lucko, yerself, and the like.

So I like to assume small. ;-)

CarmenSinCity said...

I like it!