Tuesday, January 23, 2007

There's just something about KK....

I haven't posted much in the past few days, mostly because I've had nothing worthwhile to say. The Neteller is quelle bummer. Especially because if I lose my bankroll, I don't like the options available to reload, so I'll probably be done for a while. Well, that's not entirely the case. I have about a half million points in the free side of my FTP account...that should last me about 47 years.

But KK has played a fairly significant role for me this week, in ways good and bad. I've taken to playing the $11+1 SNGs, even though my current bankroll...at about $150 or so doesn't come close to supporting 1oox the buy-in. Why? Because I like the competition at that level, and because there's a bit less donking than at the $6+.50 level. At least that's been my perception.

At least that was my perception until last night. Down to 4 players (3 pay). I'm in 4th, but 2nd-4th are real close in chips. The former chip leader, who got where he was by instashoving nearly every hand. Anyway, he's back to our level, and he tries to rise again the same way. I sit in the BB with KK (yeah, baby!), and ask him if he wants a call. He says "of course!", so naturally, I oblige. I'm gobsmacked delighted to see him turn over K2o. Decidedly less so when the flop comes 345. And even less so with the A on the turn. Ack. I'm out on the bubble again.

Anyway, tonights the night of the Level 2 Poker After Dark that I won my way into. Dumbass that I am, I had no idea you could directly enter level 2 for 100 FTP points, but what the hell. So, since I'm home playing, I decide to take my first crack at the Daily Double, when what do I run into? Yeah baby, KK. Yet this time, it had a decidely different ending:

Dems Quads Bitches! Yeah. Being relatively short-stacked at the time, and being raised to 600, the shove seemed like a good thing to do at the time. And it even worked! This was in Daily Double A, and ironically, at the VERY SAME TIME, in Daily Double B, I also had KK, all in, called by TT, and it held. No screenie of it, but just the same, more evidence that FTP is fixed (cough, cough). At least the suits were different. I like KK these days.

In another stroke of irony, as I write this, it sure looks like there's no way I'll final table the Poker After Dark dealio, but I'm already in the money in both Daily Doubles. We'll see how they turn out, but just inside the bubble (153 in tourney A, 126 in tourney B), I'm about halfway up the standings in each. Not counting any chicks just yet, but money is money, and DQB is DQB.

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