Monday, December 28, 2009

The Cruel, Cruel Mistress

Ah poker, how I hate you so. Sometimes. So after my last post, I've managed to put in two lengthy tournament sessions, with the expected horrendous results. As the Good Doctor Mondo reminds me, at least I'm doing a far better job of not letting emotional tilt ruin my days post-poker.

But my last two sessions have resulted in 15-18 tournies per session, with only a single min-cash each time, usually in my lowest buy-in of the day. Out on the absolute bubble twice, both times on 70/30s, losing on the river each time.

Had a nice stack in one of the early Daily Doubles yesterday, about 100 spots before payouts begin, when I picked up KK in the small blind, where I reraised an EP raiser. Bet out the Q high flop. Bet out the turn (which didn't improve the board and left no draws; call the overshove raise to find I'm up against KQo of all things. Naturally, the 2-outer Q hits the river, so fuck it, I piss off my stack in the other early DD about 40 spots short of $$$.

Go out the absolute bubble boy in a $10 NLO8 tourney on Tilt, when my A842 double suited (yeah, not great, but I was short) was called off by A862, who naturally hits trip 6s by the turn and left me with less than one BB in the BB.

Naturally, given my terrirunbad these days, on the absolute bubble of a $5 LO8 tourney, and the final remaining tourney I'm in, Full Tilt decides to polish off the day by sending its software tits-up. At least I got to share in the prizepool in that one.

Oh yeah, made a couple bad plays, shoved KK on the river into a QQ high board (had him on AK) when villian held....QQ. D'oh. This was in the Stars 1/4 Mil after tripling up early. Also went out near the bubble of the World Record (well, I guess finishing 31,000-something can be considered the bubble of 30,000 get paid and 160,000 started)...when I lost another 95% hand on the river. But not going to whine about a 10 FPP tourney.

Yeah, poker sucks for me these days. I won't even play Bodog given the abuse it's given me, though I've got a few hundo left there. No more whining.

Christmas was actually a pretty wonderful time in the Mondopad. The Good Doctor Mondo's dad came out last Wednesday to join her mom, who's been here for five weeks. The Good Doctor Mondo received a Wii for Xmas, which has been invaluable in her continued rehab, for balance and fitness reasons. She used one in her rehab hospital, and it's been a real aid in parts of her recovery. Of course, we both agree that Rock Band must be on the horizon. ;-)

Not much else to report. After 44 years on the miserable hunk of rock, I'm actually giving a half-hearted attempted at growing a pathetic beard. We'll see how it goes...

Happy New Year, and to 2009, don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.


BWoP said...

Happy New Year to you too!

lightning36 said...

Join the crowd. I somehow offended the poker gods. I've run K-K into A-A, Q-Q into A-A, A-A into a set, got my butt kicked by two-outers two tournements in a row, and on and on. Waiting for this streak to end.

Good to hear your wife continues to get better. Let's hope for a much better 2010!