Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Taking One On the Chin

The year is young, and the author is fact, I'm looking quite a bit older and even Waffles-ish these days. Why? Nothing earth-shattering, but after walking the planet for 44+ years, I've finally taken a crack at growing a beard.


Dunno, just tired of shaving. And my band's pedal steel player grew one. I'd hate for him to be lonely.

Why not before?

Dunno...I hate shaving, always have. But after spending 13 years in uniform, followed by a decade plus in law firm environments, I just got so used to it, that I'd only take off on the weekends. My weekly two days of whiskers would be my two day vacation uniform.

But 2.5 weeks ago, I said to hell with hit. Hell, I haven't had a haircut since July, so let's try going full shag for a while, shall we?

Of course, having it come in mostly grey and white...well, it's hardly one of my more youthful moments.

But the freedom's been fun...and with windchill well below zero here right now, maybe it'll even keep me warm on the drive home...

Two poker sessions so far this year, around 30 tourneis, for which I can lay claim to one final table (7th of about 1250 in a $2 Cashout MTT), and yet a still-declining bankroll, even with five or six cashes. Because all but the final table were truly mincashes. Oh well.

No real poker goals this year, other than to continue to work on the emotional side of it, and to try to get to Vega$ at least once this year. Last year was tough for me to get away for some pretty big reasons.

I suppose I'd also like to grow the bankroll some more, but getting from something like $1600 online to $2000 online doesn't really open up the tourney buyin levels that much, so short of a miracle big hit, I'll likely end up in my current holding pattern of cashing roughly 19% of tournies, but being only marginally above breakeven in the process. Looking at it more like recreation now, especially as life and work are going to conspire greatly this year to keep my play to generally no more than once a week.

Where's the beard photo?

Why all the fuss, it's just a beard, even if a virgin beard.


lightning36 said...

I've had my beard since 1982! I've only shaved it off twice since then and immediately started growing it back the next day.

BWoP said...

But pictures make everything better . . .