Saturday, December 19, 2009

Oh How I've Missed Thee

Not much to say on the poker front, as I haven't played a hand in over a week. Last weekend was spent doing an online document review project for work which remains ongoing. I'd be working on it again this very moment, if not for a server crash...

It's been pretty impossible to find time to play any cards at all these days, what with all the interruptions that would ensue if I tried to sit down for even a 45 player turbo SNG. While the Good Doctor Mondo continues to improve incrementally nearly every day, the fact remains that our daily lives haven't returned to anything resembling normalcy. Since her own abilities to do the most simple things, such as getting up to get a glass of water, require someone to go to the tanks to turn up her O's, or being behind her every step of the way on the staircase..well, I just can't trust starting a tournament with any sense that I can actually play it through.

In better news, the Good Doctor Mondo's oxygen requirements continue to trend down. At rest, we now have her on 1/2 the oxygen she was at when she first came home, and her needs under exertion are about 18% lower, so she continues to progress. In fact, her doctors do now see a likely eventual 100% recovery. This is great news, indeed. Given how terribly sick she was, and the normal 12 month horizon for lungs to reach whatever final recovery level they tend to plateau at, her current pace indicates a higher final plateau than anyone would have thought as recently as two months ago.

Hoping to find a way to get a "day off" of sorts to get some play in this weekend, however. Of course, poker is of little importance in the grand scheme of things, but I'm feeling a real sense of withdrawal, especially having missed out on the recent #WBPT shenanigans, and seeing a fellow blogger take down a tidy $27k score in the mini-FTOPS...well, I miss the game.

Which reminds me, while I do think Hoy can reach levels of internetz douchebaggery at times unmatched by us mere mortals, he's a hell of a player whose game I've respected for some time. Congratulations Hoy, on your huge score. Not your first, won't be your last.

Speaking of fellow bloggers, one of my favorite bloggers in the pokerverse has just written a well thought out piece on the pitfalls and vagaries of staking arrangements -- well worth the read. Thanks, CK!

Oh yeah, one lil' band snippet -- New Ben Franklins got our pressed CD back from the manufacturer yesterday, well in advance of our CD release show next month.

This makes me happy on so many levels...those who've known me for a long time know that this is either the 6th or 7th album I've been a part of recording, and yet the very first one to actually make it all the way to getting a proper pressing (even if it's just a short run EP). Feels good to actually have something you can find on the shelves of local independent record stores soon. Previous bands of mine may have hand-burned small volumes to sell at shows, but having one properly packaged, shrink-wrapped, and all that other jazz, is just kinda cool.

Well, good luck at the tables...glad to hear none of the #WPBT crew got hooker-rolled in Vega$, or lost a kidney, or got to be a bad man's boyfriend in the Clark County Jail....


lightning36 said...

Good to hear that your wife keeps improving. This has been one hell of a year for you. Great to see that the horizon looks promising.

BWoP said...

Thanks for the plug :-)

I'm glad to hear that The Good Doctor Mondo is getting better every day.

Poker (and your poker friends) eagerly await your return to the virtual felt!