Friday, December 04, 2009

Number of The Beast

It ain't 666, because that would be one too many. Effin' 66...goddamn I hate that hand. Played a few turbos tonight, after the Good Doctor Mondo went to bed. Seven of them, in fact. All my play in and out in less than two hours.

Ran into 66 three times, in AIPF situations.

First time, AJ lost to 66 when the devils held up.
Second time, AQ went down when the ace in the door was followed by the case devil (another player noted he folded one devil).
The final fucking of the night? AK lost to 66 in the worst way. Ace on the flop, but two diamonds. Diamond on the turn. Diamond on the river. Yup, he held the fucking devil of diamonds.

Now up to 18 straight non-cashes in a row. I know that's hardly a long streak, but it's pissing me off. Especially as some of them have included large stacks, only to go out just a few spots off the bubble. JokerStars hates me these days.

I guess it's a good thing after all that I'm not in the WPBT Last Longer competition. Given how JokerStars is putting up the mobnies, I'd be sure to screw whatever team I was on.

Edit: Of course, right after I type this, I break my non-cash streak...with the mini-est of min-cashes, a whopping $3.52 in a $2.20 PLHE/PLO turbo MTT...naturally AA78 double suited couldn't keep up with 6543 rainbow in PLO.

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