Monday, April 13, 2009

Spreadin' the Sonic Alt-Country Love

Okay, I can't seem to actually post a file to this here blog, but my lil' band New Ben Franklins has our first recording up of the current iteration.

As long as you don't have Myspace blocked, you can go here and click on Horse 2009 in the embedded music player, if you want a wee taste of what keeps me away from the poker tables most of these days.

It may or may not end up being the final mix of what ends up on our eventual album, but the most excellent Radio 1190 (University of Colorado's radio station) wanted something from us in advance of our next show, which they're presenting at the Larimer Lounge on the 23rd, so we recorded this track over the last week.


BTW, if you're local to Denver and seeing this, you should really come out to this show. Jim McTurnan's new band is a-freakin-mazing, and Dario's long had one of the best bands in town.

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