Wednesday, April 22, 2009

FML - Part 47

I almost never play the Mookie. Why? Don't have time. It's a bad night of the week. But not tonight, I could play.

Of course, on the rare occasions I do play, I invariably run KK into AA, or QQ into KK, within the first ten hands of the damn tournament. But not tonight, I could play.

Play how? Play tight. Play MiamiDon tight. Survive and thrive. Play tight enough that preflop raises are sometimes respected. Fold when you're beat. Put pressure on when your ahead.

Through 2.5 hours of the tourney, I'd seen 12 flops in 180 hands, but had won 27 pots, and had stacked at least three players.

So what happens on the bubble? FML, part 47, of course.

In the BB with 77, and 7th of 11 remaining in chips, and two relative shorties. Folds to the SB, who raises 3x (to 3,000). It's the effin Mookie, everyone raises from the button or small blind. So I debate, call or shove. If I call, I'm probably folding to most flops. So I shove. Of course. SB had AA.

Of course, I don't hit my 2-outer and I go out 11th, when I could have easily made the $$$, with at least a slight chance at a TOC seat in about my 4th BBT4 tourney. (Though Pauly's running over everyone, and I'll be shocked if he doesn't take it down.)

Of course I made a mistake least I think so. I had 16BB left when that hand started. But it's the fuckin' Mookie and, I repeat, everyone raises when folded to them on the button or small blind in the Mookie. With anything. With everything. Of course, nobody expects...the Spanish Inquisition.

FML. For at least the 47th time.

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