Friday, April 10, 2009

Finally, A Long-Awaited (Near) Breakthrough

Any of the three or four kind souls who follow this here lil' blog know that the last several months have been absolutely brutal to my online roll. In fact, I was already beginning to carve the headstone on my meager online poker career, as I have had no plans of reloading ever I ever go busto.

Well, at least after last night, that's been put off for a while.

For once, I wasn't getting 2- and 3-outed on the river, on the bubble.

For once, I even caught from behind in a key spot.

For once, I not only cashed, but final tabled.

Anyway, I'm pleased as punch...thanks to Bodog and their evening $5r, which at one point in time was a very nice tournament for me. Prior to last night, I know I've won this tourney once, and I think I had a runner-up finish, as well.

At first, things went as per usual. I took my standard upfront rebuy, and chipped up enough so at the end of the rebuy period, I was sitting slightly above average chips, without additional rebuys. Obviously, I added on. So with about 126 left, and 18 paying, I was in okay shape. I picked up a few pots here and there, but hit my midstretch of horrible cards, to where with 26 players left, I was 25th or 26th in chips. I thought "here we go again". With 20 left, I was 20th in chips. Again, "here we go again, Mr. Bubble Boy".

However, my good luck charm the Ultimate Bodog Shill, was sitting two to my left, and when it folded to me on the button, with me holding 3BBs, I shoved rather light, and Smokkee folded. Thank you, Smokkee, you made it possible.

Anyway, I did manage to crack the money, and here's where it got good. Shortly into it, with blinds at 1k/2k and some ante, mid position decided to limp. I looked down at 98soooted, and decided to see a flop. The flop came 99T, and it was off to the races. I check, the BB led out for about 3-4k, and mid position called. Obviously, I shoved, the BB folded, and the original limper called and showed down AA. Way to limp, buddy. That pot made my day.

Eventually, I managed to crack the final table (Smokkee had crashed out 13th or 14th by then), with a 7th place stack, and and M of about 6. But the cards decided to play nice. At one point, with seven or eight players left, and me on basically the shortest stack, the luck turned my way. It folded to me in the small blind, and I shoved my last five or so big blinds with A8o. I was bummed but not surprised when BB called and turned over JJ. But by the turn, I'd picked up straight and crub frush draws, and actually hit the river A. Not exactly a two-outer, but me catching from behind is so rare, it seems. But it was just what I needed to roll on.

At one point, I picked up AA in the small blind, and two mid position limpers. I thought of raising 3 or so BB, but there was already enough in the pot to take my stack up over 50%, so I shoved, to a pack of folders. I took my first chiplead of the tournament when there were five players left. But when we got three handed, we did a lot of trading chips. BTW, my compliments go out to both mixxmaster and WTFisLUCK for their skilled play at this stage.

However, I was eventually able to get to HU with WTFisLUCK, where I held a 480k to 295k chiplead. Sadly for me, that was to be the high point. The cards turned bad, and my opponent was appropriately aggressive. When we had nearly equal chipstacks, I raised up with 66, he overshoved A9, I called, he hit his 9, and that was that. I have no complaints about finishing 2nd there. I could have folded the 66, but that seems real nitty with about 7BB left in an HU situation.

Still, I have no complaints whatsoever about finally picking up a semi-real cash. Last night may have been only a $500 prize, which is a lunch tab for some of you rollers, but for me, it more than doubled my recently-abused roll, and should allow me to continue to donk online for at least a couple more months.

Good luck to all at the tables, I'll be off at the western world's most fabulous cathedral for Opening Day.

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smokkee said...

i would've snap called anyone else with ATC but i didn't want to bust you with the rags i had in front of me.