Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fun Times In the Mookie

Oh yeah, there was one funny moment tonight, thanks to everyone's favorite comedic poker blogger and originator of the truly and aptly named Stupid System:

Julius_Goat: all I ask for is the occassional five outer
Mondogarage: the only reason you didn't win
Mondogarage: is that you had too many outs
Mondogarage: I can fade the 5-outers
Julius_Goat: you have a good point there
Mondogarage: I can't fade the 2- or 3- outers
Julius_Goat: solid work
Julius_Goat: you just did solid work, mondo

Yup, that was my real secret to the deep run...the villians had too many outs to catch.

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lightning36 said...

Good to see you come out of your semi-retirement. Don't forget -- Brit Blogger tournament Sunday afternoon.