Thursday, January 08, 2009

A Wee Bit Of Momentary Miniscule Coolness

So my former band actually got played on FM radio here in Denver last night. I had one of those "gee, kinda cool!" moments. Of course, the DJ went on to describe how he thought we'd made a really good record, but then imploded as a band before the CD ever saw the light of day (and he was absolutely correct). So much for feeling kinda cool.

Still, it always feels gratifying having your music played on the air. It's been an extremely rare thing for me. In fact, it's probably only happened about 8-10 times, all told, not counting the 45 minute live performance on air at University of Maryland several years back.

Anyway, the DJ suggested to me again today that we find some way to press at least a small handle of copies...who knows, maybe we will.

Okay, the moment is over. And it was indeed miniscule.

1 comment:

Jeev said...

No way!!! That is too freakin cool!! You should press some CDs if that DJ is willing to give you some airtime. Cha Ching $$$$$.