Monday, January 12, 2009

Unambiguous Loss

Before last night, I thought I would blog today about yesterday's online poker excursions, and the Mondo family's weekend trip to Breckenridge.

However, I learned late last night that my boss died suddenly and unexpectedly yesterday. He was more than a boss, he was our leader, the head of our practice group, and one of the firm's name partners. For those poker bloggers in the legal field (and there's quite a few of them), you can imagine the overwhelming raft of practical issues that need dealing with.

But right now, we're all just kind of overwhelmed otherwise.

I'm personally extremely distracted and stunned right now. I can only imagine what those who worked for him far longer than I am going through, and I can't even imagine his family's loss.

There's not much more I can say right now.


lightning36 said...

Wow - sorry to hear that, Mondo. Take the time that you need to make things okay for yourself.

It is always moments like these that make us focus on what is really important in life.

I'll keep you in mind the new few days, bro.

Jeev said...

Sorry to hear that. It is probably going to be tough for a few weeks at the least. Hang in there!