Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another Proud Product of Wasilla, Alaska

I really hope at least some Wasilla, Alaska families can raise their kids better than this. If Wasilla represents the best in family values, I'd be thrilled if Sarah Palin just stays right on up there.

From the Rocky Mountain News:

GRAND JUNCTION — An Alaska woman accused in the death of her newborn has pleaded guilty to a reduced charge and is awaiting sentencing in the case.

Twenty-three-year-old Morgan Hite of Wasilla, Alaska cried as she appeared in a Grand Junction courtroom Monday and entered a guilty plea to a charge of child abuse resulting in death. In exchange for the plea, prosecutors dropped several other charges including first-degree murder.

Hite was accused of giving birth to a boy, now called Gabriel, at a friend's Grand Junction home in February 2008. Prosecutors say she then put the boy in a bag, walked to her parents' home and left the bag in a closet.

Hite's parents found the boy's decomposing body in April.

Hite faces 16 to 24 years in prison when she's sentenced March 19.

I suppose she couldn't see the maternity ward from her house.


lightning36 said...

She is obviously a democrat. The dems are the people who thinks it is okay to kill kids. Her only offense was that she did it after the child was born. I guess she should have destroyed the child in utero instead, huh? Then it would just be called a choice.

Jeev said...

Why did we bring Alaska into the Union again?

Mondogarage said...

It was all for the nookie, Jeev, all for the nookie.