Friday, January 02, 2009

Roosting Next Door

So now, Hoyazo is alleging Waffles dumped chips to Mookie during the New Years' Eve Mookie tournament (right after Waffles busted Hoy from the tourney), presumably in order to win some type of small prop bet.

The same Hoyazo who champions rampant cheat site Ultimate Fraud Bet as thee place to play online poker these days.

I wasn't there; I didn't play the Mookie. That said, Waffles has a long, well-documented history of playing shit cards in shit spots. He'll be the first or second to admit that. Hell, Hoy takes great pride in winning with the Hammer. So on that basis alone, he doesn't really have much of a basis to complain about someone playing 95o. (Of course, shoving with the Hammer, versus calling a shove with 95soooted are two far different plays). We all know Waffles is perfectly capable of calling off all his chips with crap cards under any circumstance -- possibly having prop bets has no more impact on that call than being drunk.

But the whole point of this post is simply this -- people who choose to play at Ultimate Bet don't really get to complain about the appearance of impropriety in the games they play on any site, because they've already decided that game integrity isn't very high on their priority list. This isn't an anti-Hoyazo rant by any stretch. However, getting righteously indignant because you think you've been had doesn't really hold a lot of water when you willingly spend so much time on a site known to have cheated their player base for so long, and a site that still has not been nearly transparent enough in their response to their own shenanigans. Not to mention a site that appears to continue to inappropriately give players' money to insiders whether by negligence or malfeasance taking place on their servers without adequate explanation.

Hoy is perfectly entitled to go on monkey tilt, however. So on that note, I'm hoping to find a Waffles-worthy rant on the Hammer Player blog, soon.

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lightning36 said...

Delicious irony for icrushbloggers.