Thursday, December 14, 2006

Mondo's First Post - check out the training wheels

Okay, okay. Seems time to finally start writing about the trials and tribulations of my poker life, online and off. Equal parts both, but out here in the Rockies, the casino game is a hell of a lot more limited. Ring games are limited to 2/5 limit HE, with the occasional 5/5 limit HE or 2/5 choice (which is invariably 80% O8, 10% O-Hi, and 10% Crazy Pineapple). If you dig multiple rebuy tournaments, weekend nights are the time to be there. I hate multiple rebuy tournaments up here. Multiple rebuys seem to truly encourage the donkeyfish, and getting sucked out six hands in by 94o to a KK, just so they can start the rebuys...eeshk.

Anyway, as this is my first ever blog post, I'll keep it short. But I want to acknowledge the real reason I'm doing this. After enough boring days on the job recently, I finally discovered the world of poker blogs, a few in particular, and without discovering the vast amounts of edutainment from these fine folks, I wouldn't be bothered to contribute. So without further ado, I'd like to thank the following bloggers in particular for unwittingly leading me down the path of righteousness:

Pauly - perhaps the Don and dean of all poker bloggers

Mookie - the first poker blog I ever read, and I WILL play your tourney someday

Hoyazo - the only reason I ever got the stones to try the Hammer in MP, and a deep-thinking, thought-provoking writer

Waffles - most likely to earn bank at standup comedy, post bankroll-implosion

Smokkee - for writing clean, concise, yet most informative on poker

Dawn & Karol - the Oasis in the Desert was the final spark to put forefinger to keyboard

Anyway, I'll try to hit on the small stakes trials and tribs of poker, of getting one's good half even more supportive of my avocation, and maybe even post some random musical musings. I'll do my best to achieve +EV in the interesting post department, without going too far -EV in the actual poker department....

Most of what I play are $5+.50 and $10+1 MTTs on FTP, and $24+2's whenever I can token up. Lately, I've been fortunate enough to earn tokens in 80% of my SAGs, but haven't been able to follow through. Getting ITM in most of my recent Omaha MTTs, including a 3rd place on Tuesday, for about 25x the buy-in. But I still suck at poker. Hard.

Of course, in the utter and complete absence of any l33t blogging skills, this n00b has taken an hour to format. All of which only proves that there are donkeys in the blogging world, as well. But thanks to those who inspire me to try to follow in footsteps, and I'll try to have some fun. Now, can someone 'splain to me how to take a screenshot of an FTP table?


Marshall said...

welcome to the group.

Falstaff said...

welcome to the madness. for screenshots - google screen capture software, there are several free ones that will let you grab images like FTP tables.

Good luck!

Dawn said...

aw shucks! welcome, to our wacky wacky world -- but yes, you will never truly belong until you drop the hammer with your chips on the line, so man up! :-)

mookie99 said...

Welcome aboard !

smokkee said...

welcome to our sick little world.