Friday, December 15, 2006

If Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting...

...then what the fuck is Friday night good for?

Choices, choices, choices.

Nobody in the poker blogging world knows who I am, yet, but one thing is key. Aside from poker, the other major timesuck in my life revolves around music. Playing it, gigs, attending shows, etc. Which leads to me to tonight's conundrum.

First off, my one good half, whom I'll refer to as the Good Doctor Mondo, has to attend graduation ceremonies at her university tonight. Which means, the Mondo's got a kitchen pass. But I've got three choices, and dunno which way to go.

There is the smooth call, aka going home and playing FT for a few hours, hopefully rocking the $3.30 turbo NLHE, a couple PL Omaha MTTs, and my new habit....25/.50 NL (earned nearly two buy-ins in two hours last night, yay me, yet gave up 80% of it chasing tokens, ugh me.)

Then, there is the over the top raise, aka, going up to Blackhawk to rock the 2/5 tables at the Gilpin.

Or, I can simply fold, and go see Hot IQs and Everything Absent Or Distorted, two of my favorite locla bands, play an Xmas Rocksplosion down in loverly Denver. (As an aside, for those of you partial to anything indie hipster, both bands are getting major love these days.)

Here's the rub. Normally, this blog would be tits up no poker tonight. I haven't gone to see the rock in ages. But that's because I recently quit smoking (again), and know beyond knowing that if I go to the show, I'll be tempting and bumming cigs. Bad bad juju. Which pretty much leaves calling or raising. Calling looks good here, because up in Blackhawk, it seems the only game running these days is No Fold'Em Hold'em. And while I'm up a good bit for the year, mostly thanks to rocking a few home games and winning a $60 tourney at Sahara over Labor Day, I'm stuck near $400 my last two sessions of $2/5. Think about that. Losing $50 and hour at a $2/5 LIMIT table. Gack.

Besides, I have a pub league freeroll end of season final tourney tomorrow afternoon, and a $10 NLHE (+4 rebuy) home game tomorrow night. And the Good Doctor Mondo will play both events with me, so that's probably all the live poker I can justify. And no matter how donkfish the ring game play is up the hill, it's 10x worse in the pub league here. I don't need that frustration twice, when I can work on my bankroll.

Oh, why no tourney up the hill tonight? Because it's the Psycho Fifty. $50, with up to NINE rebuys. Sick. Most take 3-5 within the first hour. To my limited way of thinking, the variance of that many rebuys, at a relatively low cost, is just way too high. -EV all the way.

Okay, so checking it is. Anyone who wants to tilt the Mondo can find me at just about any of the $5 or $10 MTTs that start at FTP tonight between, oh, 7-9:30 mountain time. Because we're so special, we get our own fucking time zone that doesn't work with ANY network TV feed times.

Big ups to Falstaff for pointing me to some screen cap stuff. When I grow up, I want to be a decent blogger, just like him. Some of you have some seriously suhweet looking pages.

Choices, choices...

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Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Hey Mondo, nice to have you aboard as part of our ghey little group. Looking forward to more from you in the future.