Thursday, December 28, 2006

Good ideas

Nice post on slb159 poker today, which is giving me lots to think about.

Some of you fellow bloggers are gonna make me turn my Stars account into a $$$ account...not least for the rakeback. (Dumbass that I am, I never knew of rakeback when I started my FTP account, and I have no intention of giving up my player name, just to start a new account. So no-no on the FTP rakeback for me.)

Anyway, the FTP Tier Ones are working well for me this week (5 tokens out of 8 tries). But here's where I could use some advice...I'm losing my tokens in the $26 guarantee tourneys, usually getting close to cash, but falling short. On slb159, there's a discussion about "climbing up through the tier tourneys". For all of you far smarter players out there, would you consider that more of a gamble, or less of a gamble, than continuing to use tokens in the various $26 buy in guarantee tournaments? Does the smaller field size of 2nd tier token tourneys, versus their lower # of places paid make sense for someone in my position (e.g., a dude who isn't successfully maximizing ROI on the tokens won thus far).

Hit me up if you have a thought.

Oh yeah, mucho funno busting my blogger tourney cherry in the Riverchasers last night. Much enjoyment had, but busto in 19th after being near the chip lead the whole first hour. The middle levels of HORSE seem to be my true nemeses...

Happy New Year, and fo'reals, check out these guys: Voxtrot from Austin. Amazing pop band, who are primed to truly break through next yet.


smokkee said...


it's much easier to cash in a two-table sng then an MTT.

MTT's normally pay the top 10% of the field and the first level payout is not that great. SNG's are the best way to build a bankroll. but, i'd still suggest some MTT's every so often.

Mondogarage said...

That's just soul prefers the big mountain challenge of the MTT. Well, that, and having donked my way to 2nd of 695 in one, about a year ago. But I gotta do this smart. Would like to avoid reloading again.

slb159 said...

Thx for stopping by...yes, smoke is right. I've won my fair share of tokens but never made any $ with them in the large fields. I am 1/2 in the tier two's that I have tried though, so I think I will stick to those, as smoke suggested.

I did do well in a satellite to the 200K (now the 250K or something even higher perhaps once, but took a wicked 2 outer beat near the 2nd break to bust me).

As for the screenshots, I just use the everyday microsoft Paint and do the cntrl prnt screen thingy and then edit the borders by cropping.

If you're interested in some software that captures entire tourneys, I suggest you click on the link I have for "Hoy" He's a master of hand evaluations and showing boards while he makes his decisions. Not sure what the software is, but if you scroll through his site, you'll be mightily impressed.

He also runs the MATH (Monday's at the Hoy) every Monday night at 10 pm EST, so maybe I'll see you there. I played a few, but only monied once. :(

Thanks again for stopping by and also for linking me up. I'll be sure to return the favor.

Best of luck.

Take care

slb159 said...

Done...linked you up in the first word of my latest post. Stop by and wish me luck. I certainly need it.


SirFWALGMan said...

Mondo.. here is my advice.. take your shots.. If it is not hurting your bankroll.. I would even take your 26/tokens and play a Tier II token.. then you can play a higher stakes game with less entrants than the usual 24/2 games, and get lucky. All it really takes is one nice heater and you could hit that big score. Not sure what your roll is.. but like Smokkee said: Build your roll up with some SNGs.. and play the tokens with some of the extra.. reward yourself for a few good SNG wins by playing a token..

Butch Howard said...

You can probably convert your FTP account to get rake. I started using a couple of months ago and was able to start getting rakeback without having to create a new account.