Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hands Can Make You Think

Yeah, no wonder I don't play online much anymore. Too many exit hands are trying to convince me of shenanigans over at JokerStars, or of whatever bullshit compels people to call 4-bet shoves with nothing more than 86o. It's because they know preflop they'll flop open-ended, and they know they'll straighten up on the river. No matter that 86o from the BB is likely wayyyy behind any hand a 4-bet shover might hold.

My last three tournament exits have been on hands like that. The kind of hand where I have AA, KK, or QQ on the bubble or in the cutoff. Invariably, I'll open 2.5x or 3x, and a blind will reraise to 2-3x my original raise. I'll end up shoving, and the last three times, my shove has been called down by 86o, T8o, and 53 sooooted. And each time, the caller caught on the river. As if they *knew* it was coming. And in each case, they had me covered by a little bit.

The worst was today in the $200k, because it was the 2nd time in four hands that I had KK, and had to make a hero fold the first time to a BB who shoved on the A52 rainbow flop. (I'd actually let out for about 60% of the pot.) And it cost me my tournament life because of a player who is just too terrible a player to fold 86o to 4-bet preflop aggression.

Basically, online poker is fucking me up the ass hardcore again. It doesn't matter the site. It doesn't matter the buy-in. And it doesn't matter the stage of the tournament. If there is a single solitary way the cards can fuck me over, it will happen 1000% guaranteed. So, why would I possibly want to play? Rationally, I know the game is not fixed. I know that. But when it continues to play as if it is, why would I possibly choose to continue to participate??

It's one thing to get your money in bad, more often than not. But I don't. In fact, it's very rare that I am behind when the money's all in the middle. Obviously, race-type situations will end up being kinda close to 50/50 over the long term.

Also as invariably, when I do decide to actually play the hand and not unnecessarily get it all in preflop, villian manages to catch his 2 outer on the river. Which is, of course, how T3o can beat JJ, when villian calls a nice flop bet with his mighty 3, followed by the river two outer. Why would I give the crooks any more money? More importantly, why should I?

Hell, even if the software itself is not broken or rigged, the game's rife with enough multiaccounting cheaters, that I no longer have the requisite confidence to believe I'm always playing in a clean game.


lightning36 said...

Wow -- sounds to me like you are ready to crash and burn.

I am glad that BBT4 is here because it gives me some extra purpose to play online. I have lost a lot of enthusiasm for playing online. Perhaps it is the time committment needed to go deep, only to have a deep finish rewarded with a paltry score if you don't finish first or second. Perhaps it is playing ring games and getting your money in good and seeing some doofus suck out on the river.

I went out in the Brit Blogger game yesterday with my K-K vs J-J vs A-A. The rockets held. At least it wasn't a suckout.

Mondogarage said...

Yeah, I'm in a crash-and-burn process. I mean, I still have a couple hundo or so online, but I no longer give a shit. It doesn't matter how well I play, or how much I induce a bad call on the turn when I'm 95% to win the pot. I just know, deep down inside, that the one card that will lose the hand is coming, especially if we're approaching the money bubble, or the final table bubble.

It's like yesterday (after I wrote, but before I posted), I bust my balls playing solid poker, and crash out of three tourments in 12th or 13th place, all three times on river 3-5 outers, and at least two of those times to players with ROIs approaching -50%.

It's as if the sites truly are purposely trying to keep me away from final tables where I can actually build a roll. It's completely killed my desire to play online, because I can simply find better things to do with my time than to get three outed on final table bubbles by players who don't even know where the fold button is on their screen, no matter how far behind they are.

As for BBT4, as much as anything else, I don't have enough time to play enough events to make it worth pursuing, and now, I no longer even have the roll to play the whole series, so fuck it.

The thing is, in theory, skill should win out over the long run, but in any given hand, you have to have that run good gene, which I just don't have. So really, why would I continue to participate?

I'm pretty sure at this point that once I finish donking off the last bits, I'll finally shut down my accounts and shut down my blog, because it's just not fun anymore to lose to players worse than I.