Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Good Thing I'm Almost Broke, and an Update

Haha...my streak of non-cashes in tourneys is now up to 32 in a row (or at least something very close)**. The latest was a $12+1 180-man turbo on JokerStars, where on a T74 flop, and me holding QQ, I bet out 70% of the pot, and the button overshoves. Of course, I call. Oh yeah, almost forget, I had 3-bet preflop, and he called. He showed JT offsuit. LOL, really? He called a 3-bet and a call preflop with JTo. Naturally, the J fell on the turn, and I was out.

Oh yeah, and having TPTK go down to a naked flush draw that hit on the river. (Naturally, the donk overshoved on the turn with no pair, but 4 to a flush.)

The Skillz game truly sucked for me. I went out the last hand before break. At least 6-7 times, I had three wheel cards by 3rd street, and 4 low cards by 4th street, only to catch high cards on 5th, 6th, and 7th streets. If it seemed like I saw too many 4th and 5th streets (and I did, nearly 50%), it's only because I really did have some strong low draws. My two biggest lost pots, though, were having two pair go down to baby trips, and losing to a boat.

So my roll's down to about 1/3 of it's previous high, and I'm going broke. So my online poker career may be over in a few weeks, because I'm simply not interested in re-depositing in an environment where retarded poker play wins as often as it does.

After all, the live limits are going up soon in Colorado, and clearly, if I can go 9 days without playing a single hand, poker's taken a back seat anyway.

UPDATE: Why the asterisks? Well, after still taking a ton of abuse all over the place in any $12, $20, etc., buyins, I actually managed to take down an 18 player No Limit O8 SNG, and cash in one of those new fangled $7.70/180s. Of course, the tourney I win is a $1.50 buy-in, with a 1st prize of...drumroll...$10.80. But hell, I can't recall the last time I ever actually won anything, so it feels good.

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lightning36 said...

Hey - a win is a win, right?

Time for you to make a deeeeep run in da Mookie tonight. Tell ya what -- make the final table tonight and I'll buy you into the Mookie next week.

Of course, I plan on being at that final table, ready, willing, and able to take your chips as only a true compassionate conservative can. Oy!