Sunday, July 08, 2007

In the Summertime, and the livin' is...

rather la vida loca. The Main Event is going on, and I'm not there. Following the updates at Pokernews has been fascinating, though. Lots of top names out already, and there's two Day 1s left.

Anyway, my recent Blackhawk trip didn't turn out so great. Since it was the 1st of the month, the Gilpin changed up their tourney schedule. Instead of a $70 for 7,000 tourney, it was a $60+60 tourney for 6,000 chips. Not nearly the same value, though hardly a turbo style. Yet, because there were seven full tables, they reduced levels to 15 minutes from 20 (new policy for their noon tourneys), and it was pretty much go time. I managed to win a couple of pots early, with pretty standard pre-flop bets.

Unfortunately, after a bit of card death, I was down to about 7x the BB, where I woke up in the small blind with AQs. As it was folded to me, I didn't want to simply shove to take the 800 in chips (blinds were 400/800, and I started the hand with about 5700), so I min-raised to 1600. On a K-x-x board, my C-bet was raised all in, and after my fold, the BB shows KQo. Good read, but lost over half my chips. The BB (who ended up in the money by the end) said he would have folded to a preflop all in, but I still think I made the right play in the spot at the time. I'm always interested in hearing comments, though.

Anyway, I'm out an orbit later when in the BB with ATo, UTG raises enough to put me all in, and shows A7s. I'm feeling good until the 7-9-7 flop, and IGHN. Ick. But the tourney was fun, and I'm feeling okay about my game. Okay enough to buy into the new $10+1 $100k guarantee at Stars today. Capped at 15,000 players, and with 10 minute levels, this should be a donkeyfest that far out donkeys the nightly $26k at Full Tilt. We'll see.

Good luck to all bloggers in the Main Event!

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