Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ye Poker Gods and Their Sick Sixth Sense of Humor

So, on Sunday, I'm kicking around in the PokerStars $10+1 $100,000 guarantee, which was capped at 15,000 donkey for $150,000, when I decided to 2- and 3- table tourneys, to give me a bit more play. I don't get how folks can grind eight or nine tables at once, but running a couple tables is really kids play.

However, that sometimes leaves the door open for sick, twisted events such as this one. I have found the quality of play in your typical $5 or $10 buy-in tourney to be, really, no better at all than your average freeroll. I suppose this should be an obvious conclusion, but nothing brought it home to me more than on Sunday.

While I was going out of the $150k tourney by having a fonkey with pocket 8s call my AA all the way down on a two face card board, only to hit trips on the river, I was doing this in a 2,700 player freeroll:

Of course, the difference between winning this 300 table donkfest versus winning the $150k could best be summed up here:

$15 v $18,000? Naturally.

Still, it's nice to know the cards can be kind once in a while.

Anyway, speaking of donkeys, go over to Lucko's blog and wish him continued good fortune today, as he takes his stab at Day 2B of this year's Main Event, and may the deck hit you upside the head.


Chipper said...

What an awesome job taking down the entire tournament! Sweet! Grats on your domination of the donks in the Freeroll. Freerolls are simply one big crapshoot and you're lucky to survive all the coin flips. Now tell me honestly, now that you've "beaten" this freeroll - do you feel like ever doing it again? When I ended up winning in a Hubble 10,000 donk freeroll (only top 27 move on) I told myself I'd never play that freeroll again. Too much time involved for such little return. Bet your telling yourself - "if only this would have been for a nice buy-in and big money!".

Mondogarage said...

Exactly, chipper, exactly. It took something like...5 1/2 hours to play through. So my rate was something like $2.75/hour. I should be waiting tables. :-)

What I wouldn't give to have had the results reversed, especially since the play quality in both tourneys was so similar.

The conundrum is this -- I don't feel bankrolled for more than $5 or $10 buy-ins, but the fields for these tourneys are typically so large (except for the occasional PL Omaha that will have more like 200 players), that any edge I have is pretty much negated by the sheer number of landmines you have to survive to be King of Donks.

I'm convinced that in the case of those who buy into the $50 or $75 tourneys, it's as much the smaller field sizes that contribute to their success as it is thier ability, because while you want that 88 calling your AA, if you have those calls coming every time, you're going to get burned eventually.

Ahhh...someday I'll have another nice $1800 cash and instead of withdrawing $1400, I'll just move up in buy-ins for a bit....