Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Knock Knock, Anybody There?

Not for nothing, and yeah, highly doubtful Donkin' in the Rockies is even in anyone's blog feed anymore, but looks like I may have been talked into bringing this here lil' blog back from the dead.

Of course, it clearly won't be about online poker anymore...this here donkey cashed out nearly a year ago and, while I've been actively keeping up with developments from Black Friday and beyond, I've got no horse in that race, and I'm still pretty certain we're at least 2-3 years away, minimum, from the post-post-UIGEA world.

No, no, no, this blog will be about something else, here's a hint:

Okay, that's not all it's going to be about...but as The Good Doctor Mondo has suggested to me many, many times (backed up by our dearest old car-collecting friend), there may be a bit of room out there for a decent blog whose subject is one's first sports car ownership experience. And wow, we have certainly experienced our share of these last few months.

Now, I'm gonna need a new name for this thing, because Donkin' in the Rockies just doesn't quite seem appropriate anymore...