Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Some Doors That Open Are Double Doors

Let's get the poker out of the way first...because it's less painful that way. Jeez, my last couple of marathon tourney sessions have completely sucked. Hard.

And, with all due respect to blogger buddy Jestocost, there's been some horrific beats in the process, such as AA < 32o, when the 32o called my 4-bet AIPF. I'm not kidding. Or when KK lost to to two different players holding JJ, when one four-flushed. Gross. Also a bit of spewtardy play after beats. So ugh.

Like when I knocked myself out of a $10+1 HORSE MTT on the exact bubble, when I tried to bluff my way through a Stud hand against the bring-in. 32 paid, I was 16th going into the hand, and I was last to act with an A showing. Why I didn't check/fold by the 5th card, I'll never know....

Okay, that's outta the way. At least until I get hosed again another 15-20 times in my next session, whenever that is.

But yeah, about those damn doors...

Well, just last week, I finally started making music with a new project that is still taking shape. The idea is something along the lines of psychedelic space rock, or what some hear as stoner rock, or in between. Think bands like Dead Meadow, Spacemen 3, parhaps a bit of The Black Angels, if you're familiar with any of those, but leaning much more towards the former.

Yeah, I'm feeling really good about this, though it's early, and we're still composing, woodshedding...hell, we haven't even decided on a name yet.

It seems promising, but perhaps potentially destined to be short-lived, as the singer/guitarist and drummer both have other bands. In fact, the singer is also the bass player in the drummer's other band, in addition to fronting his own other band. To them, this may ultimately just be intended as a side project for a few months, especially as one of them is putting the final touches on an album to be shopped to indie management, booking, and labels (his last band charted on CMJ, and has gotten some of the requisite indierockier love).

Still, I've been friends and big fans of both for a long time, and our bands have played many shows together over the years...I'm planning on riding this one as long and hard as I can, but yet the double door opens...

I was just asked to join another band that I've played many bills with over the years, going back as far as early 2006. An existing band I like a lot (have at least five of their records), and can pick up the material pretty quickly.

Being spoilt for choice can suck at times. I've been out of my previous band for three months, and was quite bummed I had no one to play with, and now, I'm getting more than I can possibly do. I don't have the space in my life to play with two actively gigging or recording bands right now. Or at least I don't feel like I do. It was different when the Good Doctor Mondo was in grad school and we had mostly weekends together. But that was a long time ago.

Ah, what to do, what to do.

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