Sunday, April 18, 2010

B(ad) B(ea)T Story Of the Day

BBT5 is here, and I never got an invite to the Blogger Invitational today. Guess I'm not much of a blogger. Oh well. I realize my actual poker blogging is pretty crappy, so I doubt I merited an invite, but it would have been fun.

Had a heartbreaking day today...made it oh so close in Early Daily Double B.

Bittersweet, really. Deepest I've ever made it through any Daily Double, but once I hit a high of about 80k chips in level 22, I went through about 6-7 orbits of nothing better than Q2s in early position with massive stacks to my left. The type of card death (93o, 74o, T3o), at a table where no one was limping in, that I just couldn't make a move. I managed to double up once with AK, back to about 60k with 25 players left, and picked up AK again in position, in a three way raised pot preflop, but the J on the flop help the KJ short stack shover keep me from gaining any more ground, and it was all downhill from there.

Still, I was able to semi min-cash the big afternoon $3r, and an $11 huge field event, and even the 1/4 mil today, but didn't go deep enough in those to make a meaningful bankroll difference. So to get oh so close to a final table in a large-ish field event...bah. Nevertheless, I managed five or six cashes today, and came out slightly above breakeven...which doesn't make me feel any better about missing the Invitational, but there you have it.

Good luck on the felt y'all.


lightning36 said...

Nice run. Don't worry -- you are one of many bloggers who were not deemed worthy (including me!).

惠如惠如惠如 said...


smokkee said...

there were several bloggers left out who participated in previous BBT's.

no idea how they decide who's in or out.

you still have 12 other shots to get to the TOC tho, GL!

BWoP said...

Congrats on the cashes :-)

GL GL GL in the BBT5! (Well, unless we're in a hand together.)