Friday, March 05, 2010

Wow. Just Wow.

One way to successfully put me on tilt...

Deepish (well, just before bubble) in a huge field this case, FTP's Daily Double A, when facing action from me...hem and haw in the chat box for about thirty seconds before deciding to call off all your chips in middle position with.........the mighty T6o.

Then proceed to flop trip sixes (I had ATs, by the way).

Then, berate me for the bad play of calling your bet. (Um, you, sir, acted after me in the hand.)

Then, proceed to brag about winning $300k online. When I checked, you are a lifetime -82% ROI on Stars, and while you have won a total of $26k on FTP, you've done so at a -13% ROI clip, and with nearly half of that lifetime total consisting of winning a WSOP ME satellite two years ago. Without that flukeament, your total lifetime losignitude is at least 50%.

Then, proceed to actually luckbox your way to 7th in the entire tournament, by having called off all your chips in middle position with..........the mighty T6o, for your only triple-digit cash of any kind since last September.

Well played, Chaconas, well played, sir. I can tell by your results since last weekend, you've put that money to good use.

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