Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Never Thought I'd See the Day

Okay, so I'm watching the DVR of tonight's American Idol sue me. Wifey's leaving town for a few days tomorrow, so we're hanging out. Anyway, all the final 12 contestants are doing their customary duets with famous folk, and Adam Lambert's doing it with KISS. And...get this...KISS isn't even fucking playing. I mean, they're that sorta lip syncing style. At least the bass.

The bass notes being played were NOT coming from Gene "We won't play it, but we'll license it for a Fistful of Shekels" Simmons. He wasn't playing the same strings and frets the notes were coming from, and it seems obvious that the bass part that you and I heard was coming from Rickey Minor, who's not only the musical director of the American Idol in house band, but also a hell of a bass player in his own right.

Wow. Not that KISS has ever been anything but a cheeseball sorta sometimes hard-ish running joke rock band, but tonight, they were more of a Rock Band, Playstation 3 version. I don't think I'll ever be able to listen to them again. Real bands don't faux-play their instruments on a show when lesser lights are actually performing. Seriously, I don't doubt Ashlee Simpson will put in a cameo on their next album.


lightning36 said...

Really? The finals are usually a snoozefest. I heard the show was actually entertaining. But what you say? Wow.

Mondogarage said...

Well, she DVRs it pretty religiously, and on evenings when I'm hope being the good Mondo-partner, I'm happy to see her enjoy it. Setting aside the fact that there are some pretty talented people that come through that show, there is so much about that show generally that tilts me so hard. And seeing honest-to-goodness American rock bands reduced to fake playing is one of them. The bandmembers were singing...they just actually weren't playing their instruments.