Saturday, October 13, 2007

When the Good Doctor is away...

Mondogarage will play. Poker, that is.

After having my online poker pretty much be hit, miss, or the occasional random donk event lately, it felt good to just get back in there any multi-table 3-4 tourneys at a time last night. Real good. Unfortunately, no final tables, but I was able to cash four times:

166 of 1302
13 of 133
110 of 1646

and last, but not least,

10 of 1285 in a PokerStars $3 buy in, when my AJs went down to AKo.

All in preflop on the final table bubble, and he'd only called me in the BB. I was 9 of 10 at that point, and me and bottom feeder were pretty much way behind everyone else, so I didn't think folding here and hoping he goes out first was a good option. AJs in preflop position is not a bad situation.

Nothing of great interest really happened there, other than when there were about 20 tables left, I was near the bottom with 4k in chips, when I picked up six pocket pairs in a row, won with them all, and after a couple hours of patience, had picked up the chips to actually play. Felt good. Ya'll bloggers best be ready.


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