Friday, June 22, 2007

Fire Up the Bandwagon?

Yeah, with my beloved Colorado Rockies doing so well, I'm finding it inspiring. Gotta start writing again. About what? Dunno. No band right now, but auditions forthcoming.

About poker? Sure! It's actually been a fairly eventful spring, as far as that goes. Finally won a live tournament at the Gilpin (3-way chop for $600 each, on a $45 buy-in), and then promptly gave it all back on two final table bubbles and a horrendous $2-5 session, but then, that's bingo.

Anyway, I've managed to reload online, and even took 2nd in a $5.50 PL Omaha Hi tourney a couple of weeks back, to pad the online bankroll a bit, but it's been hard to be engaged in the game lately, as I'm trying to spend more time with the Good Doctor Mondo. Most MTTs, I'm going deep enough in, but as per before, not cashing for much.

But it feels different these days. I am trying to steal/re-steal more, limping less, and generally playing more aggressive. But if someone wants to call your T140,000 re-raise AI with ATo, when you're AKs with K on flop, and K on turn, whatcha gonna do when the J on river kills you.

At any rate, I know I have not blogged in ages and ages, and that by doing so at this particular time, I'm no longer as cool as fuck as this guy would think. But I can't help it. After continuing to read all of these guys on a regular basis, and missing out on the oh-so-awesome WPBT event in Lost Wages, I'm feeling lonely. Or lame. Or something. Time to jump back into the pool.

By the way, go visit Sucko and tell with him luck in the Daddy Of 'Em All, and to continue to take up pen and keyboard when he comes back a supastah.

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surflexus said...

Finally!! don't stay away so long. :)