Thursday, February 01, 2007

"Dude, don't play today. You might eat poop and stab a dude."

Ever get hit up on by those asshats panhandling your tourney rooms?

It was hard work not having left over chicken w/garlic sauce not coming out my nostrils after reading this. And the best part? "You have my permission to recreate the story."

You bet I will. And to think, all Brandi would have had to do is give up some buttsecks.

The Mookie was a lot of fun last night...was actually running real good early, until QQ ran into KK, crippling me.

And the 2nd chance? More like "no chance". First hand of PL O8, either flopped or turned the nut flush with a good low. Lost it all to straight flush with a wheel -- gg me, I suppose. Anyway, good crowd, and it was great to see Poker Peaker took it down. One for the Rockies.

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The Poker Enthusiast said...

Sorry about the straight flush last night.