Tuesday, February 06, 2007

All Your Bass Are Belong To Us?

Not much going on in Mondo-land these days, but just because bandwidth is cheap, ya'll get an update. Very little online poker the last few days, other than truly donking out of a couple bigger tourneys just short of the bubble, on truly horrid plays. And not by my opponents, if you know what I mean.

Like this one. 38 players left in a $5k guarantee tourney, paying 36 spots. I'm somewhere between 34th-37th in chips at this point, and have been card dead/tight for a couple orbits. On the button with T9o. SB is a big stack, top 4-5 of the remaining players. What do I do? Shove my ass off, thinking that this pot will ensure I break the bubble, where I can then focus on actually trying to win...yeah, duh. SB calls. yeah, dun. Two overs. Dumb play by the button, if you ask me. My M may have been small, but it wasn't 1.

Of course, even when I push with good cards, like on button with AQo at final table of a $5 90-player SNG (I'm 4th of 4 at this point), and get called by 88. Race on? Yeah, duh, until the flop comes 88T. IGHN.

Okay, enough poker. Actually, I'm cashing about 23-25% of my recent tourneys, but since I'm not making it deep enough in the higher buy-in tourneys, the bankroll is still dropping. Down to about $50 or so, so, aside from Hammer Day tomorrow night, I'm going to focus on $5 SNGs until I busto or robusto. Still haven't decided about trying to reload, given the current environment. I've got the budget for it, but not the aggravation tolerance level. Besides, I just can't rant nearly as well as these guys, so why take action bound to lead one to want to try? As I mentioned before, there's no way to withdraw easily now anyway. And as I learned last night, I can still have fun playing with my half million or so free chips on FTP, even if the play isn't nearly as good.

Now that's enough about poker. At least until Hammer Day.

Of much more interest now is this new potential band...having answered ye olde Craigslist ad from a woman I know from another band. Lounge/exotica? Check. Martin Denny? Check. Tiki music? Check. Surf guitars in luchador masks? Check. Hahah...we're just two years of rehearsals away from being the perfect Vega$ cocktail band. Get that job, and we can shuck it in and move further west, where I can join some of the coolest bloggers around at donking it up all the time. Actually, I'm excited about this. Surf music isn't exotica, per se, but they're really sorta on the same family tree, and a lot of surf instro tunes have either been reverbed-out covers of exotica, or inspired by the compositional style. And for years, I've wanted a surf combo, but could only put together indiepop and rock bands. This could be way cool. Vibraphone, theremin (oooo-weee-oooo), etc...

Anyway, after being bandless and gigless for a few months, I'm really itching to get a new project together, before I get too curmudgeonly to haul my amp and speaker cabinets around to Denver's best dive bars any longer, maybe even make another record. Besides, won't we all need something to do with our time when FTP and PS go tits up in the post-UIGEA apocalypse?

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