Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Live Bloggin' the MooDankie

Over halfway through the BBT5, and I'm finally going to donate to the field tonight.

Will be live blogging, at least until I overshove my JJ into KK and AA.

Damn I got a tough starting table:

8:02 - Called a small raise from the BB, flopped trips, and took out The Blue Heron when my trips held against KK.1

8:06 - Pulled down a decent pot after 3-betting the turn against 1Queens Up1.

8:09 - Damn, gave back about a grand betting out on 4th and 5th streets to ShabazzJenkins' TPTK. May be time to slow down a bit. Only played that hand with QJo from BB because of Shabazz' 3x raise and two callers. Felt like good pot odds.

8:11 - First table change:

8:13 - Wussed out of my first opportunity for a Hammer steal attempt.

8:15 - Turned a boat, tried to overbet river, but villian folded. Still took a half decent pot (called flop and turn bets), but may have been a missed opportunity at a couple grand more chips. Maybe I should have shoved turn, but any non K or non AA hand folds there.

8:19 - Can't stop giving chips away to Wheelz78. May have folded to a river bluff.

8:21 - Raised KK 3x, three callers. J87 rainbow flop. My C bet was called and then overshoved. Hmm...did I run into a set? Thought about overshoving, but just called and Wheelz78 folded. PJS JR's JTo couldn't catch up, so I'm back over 6k. 3rd in chips. Been a relative card rack early. Hope it keeps up.

8:24 - 28 hands in, and I've already seen 8 flops, but have taken down 7 pots. More active than usual, but the cards have been coming.

8:30 - Raised 3x preflop from hijack. Riggstad pots it from cutoff. I 4-bet him to 65% of his chips, hoping for a shove. Alas, Riggs folds. Not a terrible pot, though.

8:38 - Damn, some good players (CK, Smokkee, Blinders) already out.

8:40 - Woke up to AA in the big blind. Raise and a call before me, so I reraise and get one caller . J high flop. Thought about check raising, but didn't want to give a free turn. Sadly, got a fold on the flop. Up to 8.1k, but I still feel like I'm missing chances at bigger pots.

8:44 - Damnity Damn Damn - QQ in the BB. Button raises, Shabazz calls from SB. I raise to 640, button shoves. I think and call. Button has 44. 4 on the turn. So sick. Down to 5.9k. If my queens hold, I become chipleader. Damn.

8:50 - In the first 62 hands, I've had AA, KK, QQ, JJ, AK, KQs twice...can't complain about the hands. Just hope it continues, since that QQ debacle dropped me to 11th in chips, whereas I'd been in the Top 3 the whole tourney before that hand.

8:55 - Picked up the blinds to go into the first break 13th in chips:

Some strong players ahead of me on the leaderboard. Lightning36, Hoy, Shabazz, OMGItsPokerFool...

9:10 - ShabazzJenkins knocks out two players when his flopped straight beats TP/straight draw and another straight draw. Both hit their straights, but not as big as Shabazz' on the flop.

9:12 - AKo and AQs in successive hands for smallish pots. The cardrackery continues, but folks aren't staying along for the ride. Still, back up to 8th in chips.

9:25 - 100 hands in, I haven't tossed many chips in over the last orbit or two. Quiet time in the corner, I guess.

9:27 - Pick up a monster the very next hand, and get paid through the turn. Back over 8k. muhctim, current chipleader, moves to the table two seats to my left.

9:34 - Time for another table change, I guess:

9:35 - Not many chips at this table. I'm only 11th in chips, but table chipleader.

9:40 - Irongirl just picked up a really nice pot with a flopped set of 7s. I don't get the call by RNallin on that turn with AJo, but whatev.

9:43 - Wow, awesome hand. Pick up QQ in the BB (3rd QQ this game). UTG shoves his 1700 stack, and there's a call in 2nd position. I raise to 4200, which would commit the caller. He shoves, I call. I'm up against AKo and 88. The A on the flop doesn't hurt when it's followed by a Q. Feels like justice after my first QQ went down. Up to 15k in chips, and 2nd biggest stack.

9:48 - Just noticed I've got BuddyDank, OMGItsPokerFool, and pushmonkey72 at my table. Just gets more difficult, don't it?

9:50 - Flip74 shoves, and I've got KK in mid position. I elect to double his bet, to isolate. Probably a good thing because the A on the board would have hurt me, if he hadn't had KJo. Up to 18k, still 2nd in chips.

9:54 - BuddyDank's out when bigdav1967 hit his dirty set of 9s on the river to take down KK.

9:55 - Going into 2nd break with 19k, 2nd in chips. Blinds to be 200/400/50.

10:02 - My how things change. Five of the top 9 in chips at my table. Current chipleader, but barely.

10:07 - Damn, made a bad fold with TT, villian showed 99 after I check-folded an ace high flop. Thought about a checkraise, but thought better. Or worse, as things would have it. Down to 16k.

10:19 - We've reached that point where a shorty is shoving preflop every single hand. Not the same shorty, but one of 2-3 of them. Up to 18k, but 6th in chips, 21 runners left.

10:26 - Karma is catching up to me for all my cardrackery in the first two hours. Nothing I can play here, especially in the fact of so many all ins, down to 14.5k.

10:30 - Final two tables, coming in 9th in chips:

10:34 - Only 16 left, but my poor cards have helped me slide to 12th in chips, well below average. First time I've been a relative shorty the whole tourney. Need to change gears, perhaps.

10:45 - Just got incredibly lucky against Irongirl, but bet it well. Raised A8hh from cutoff, she called from a blind. KT8 flop. I bet, she check-called. Check check on turn. Beautiful 8 on river. Small value bet called, she showed ATo. Caught from way behind, though when she check-called the flop, I figured her for ATo, or maybe slowplaying a set. Up to 27k, up to 4th in chips of 13 left.

10:51 - Final table bubble, but everyone's got at least like 18BB or so, so game's not really shallow yet. Lots of close-sized stacks.

10:54 - Hoy bubbled, leaving us with this final table:

11:11 - Crap, gonna be another 9th place finish. My c-bet with JJ on a Q high board made me committed to call NewinNov's shove. Yup, he had QJo.

11:15 - Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand out in 9th. My desperate less than 1 BB shove almost won, but Joanne pipped my KJ with AJ. Good luck on the felt, y'all. The mincash kinda hurts and sucks, but it was a fun tourney. Probably was also my one and only shot at a TOC berth, c'est la vie.

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lightning36 said...

Ouch. Good run, just not your night.

From the guy who finished in 9th place in Monday night's BBT event lol