Saturday, February 20, 2010

Nice Lil' Rush Session

Ahh, left Rush Hour with my first pretty decent winning session. Decided to mix it up a bit, with one table NLHE, and one table PLO. Over 400 hands (with about 230 of them NLHE), I managed to cash out up an average of 1.5 buyins in each. Three buyins over 400 hands in about an hour? I'll take it.

I think the real trick is not so much being a rathole, which is pretty disgusting, but knowing when to say when. I never got as far as up two buyins on either table, so after about 50 hands or so of treading water, I figured the rush, so to speak, was over.

I'll take it. These days, a small session like that was good enough to add over 10% to my relative pittance of a Full Tilt roll, and 10% at a time, for someone who is primarily not a cash game player, is a nice add to the roll.

Good luck on the felt ya'll.

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pokerpeaker said...

I've been playing one each like you did at .10/.25 and I'm currently up 11 buy-ins this month. I like the mix...Omaha is interesting so you don't get too bored with Holdem, but you don't feel that overwhelmed too cause you only have one Omaha table open.