Thursday, November 26, 2009

2 Turkeys, 1 Cup


Thought I'd play Dr. Pauly's annual Turkey Cup, and actually started off building a nice stack, until I misplayed TPTK against a -1000% ROI player who limped called AA against my preflop raise. When the Q hit the turn on an all raggy board, I really felt my TPTK was good. Put him on no better than AK, and called his turn shove.

Of course, I should have probably known better, when he min-raised my c-bet on the 8-high flop...

Still, limp calling AA preflop with three players to act is pretty dangerous poker.

Still had about 800 chippies left, and shoved AQo (yes, again) PF. I raised preflop, then a 3 bet and a call after me, so I shoved. It was my AQ v. AK v. AK. Hated my chances, but at least AK only had two kings left in the deck. Felt much much better with the Q high flop (though I was going to have to fade runner runner spades). Turn was pretty. River? Bah, a two-out K. If that flop had held, I've have recovered to a top 15 stack.

As it was, I was one of the first dozen or so out.

Bah. I fuckin' hate tryptophan tournies.

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lightning36 said...

I haven't played at PokerStars for a long time. Seemed like the RNG got me more than my fair share.